Organic Denim or ethically sourced? Can we have both?

This is the excerpt for a featured post.

One of the 1st stages I have been looking into is where in the world can I source beautiful dark blue denim! I know that want mainly cotton approx 90% and the denim needs to be dark dyed but what I don’t know is where to source the high quality ethically produced denim!

Also I want to source denim that has been produced in a way that is kind to the farmers that pick the cotton through to the factory workers that produce and ship it. So far I have looked into some factories in Germany and the UK, next stop will be Turkey, India and China if I can navigate the right places online.

Any help or tips are very welcome! #organicdenim #jeansbrand #ethnicallysourced

New post: I wrote the above very naively the other day! What I didn’t know is all the in’s and out’s about how to choose denim – from the weight, to the rivets, to the type of cotton. More importantly what I didn’t know in detail is the impact the denim industry has on the environment, Now more than ever Rebecca Wills will source only ethically produced denim.

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