Sex Costume or sexy underwear?

Recently there are have 2 media stories that have really bothered me – one from a leading women’s magazine that promotes body confidence here in the UK and another a news report from Australia asking to ban a lingerie store because of it’s advertising in the shop front window.

Why is this an issue? Personally, lingerie is another way a person can show off their individuality, their style, their personality and feel good about themselves. Lingerie can just be worn for the individual not to ‘spice up the bedroom’ like a lot of people assume.

The 1st article described lingerie as a sex costume?! Really? This is an issue, going back up to the point that women or men can wear beautiful lingerie just to work or to go shopping if they want, because it makes them feel amazing, special and sexy in their own right! It does not need to be labelled as a sex costume!

The 2nd article worried me more – a young father was petitioning to get advertising and ultimately the lingerie store ‘Honey Birdette” closed down given it was giving the wrong impression of women to his daughter and son. These women wore wearing lingerie, they won’t performing some racy sex act, they were confident women wearing underwear.

That’s it. Probably more than what you would see on most Australian beaches!

Ultimately women and men should be able to express themselves in whatever way makes them feel incredible. We should cherish and support this, not be afraid of it!! #beconfident #loveyourbody

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