#TimesUp Campaign

As 2018 rolls in, there has been a huge media push on a new movement or campaign as you will called #TimesUp spearheaded by leading actresses, film producers, executives trying to right size the gender imbalance in the workforce.

This is something truly amazing if this actually gets traction.

What we don’t want to happen is that it is is just a big social media push and nothing really changes. Given the history women are still underpaid to men across all sectors and they also behave in slightly different ways in the work force to compensate for being a ‘woman’. E.g. Male colleagues easily say no to different initiatives, push assignments back, delegate but what I see with female leaders is that slight unwillingness to do this, in case we are seen as ‘not good enough’, ‘not performing as well’ as our male counterparts.

The other point that absolutely needs to be change is how women and men view successful women in the workplace. Often I hear the words ‘oh she is unmarried and no kids,’ or ‘she is bit of ball breaker’ which is meant to justify how this woman has become so successful?! How terrible is that! And the crazy thing, is that I hear this the most from other women.

So as I said this campaign has it’s heart in the right place, we just need to make sure it creates action and positive change, not only words.

#TimesUp – let’s support it!

NB: The credit for the above image is the New York Times – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/01/movies/times-up-hollywood-women-sexual-harassment.html


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