Well done Iceland! Another step in the right direction.

As you wake up today, you will see that Iceland has implemented it’s gender equal pay law for both private and public companies. This vote was passed in June 2017, but the law didn’t come into affect until after the new year which is why the media are now picking it up.

Even though this is only one piece of a very large puzzle, it is great to see the momentum that the topic is now getting, the coverage in the media and of course the action taken by Iceland.

For me personally and the brand, It’s not about women against men, it’s about getting equality. No matter what gender, race, religion, sexuality you are, there should be equal pay / rights / titles for the same jobs with the same experience, qualifications, skills etc. Really in 2018 or at all, there shouldn’t be a gap to discuss or laws that need to be passed.

But there is and we need to change that. GO Iceland!

CBC Iceland News

Sheryl Sandberg FaceBook

#endthegap #menwomenareequal


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