Well done Demi!

Being comfortable and confident in our skin is super important.

Every woman goes through multiple periods of not loving their bodies. Some more than others and places like school, university, work and social media don’t often create positive environments for women to grow.

BUT on Thursday 4th of January 2018, a talented and popular woman shared a post and her story with the world.

On Thursday Demi Lovato posted 3 Instagram pics of herself at the beach. In the past Demi has battled drug addictions and an eating disorder while being is a massive pop star, so being open and honest about her body confidence is so powerful.

Demi is making it a conversation, helping girls and women understand that they need to love their bodies. Such an important message to share – Well done Demi!

#bodylove #startaconversation #demilovato #bodyconfidence #supporteachother

Image credit: Real Buzz
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5235857/Demi-Lovato-shows-swimsuit-body-battling-bulimia.html#ixzz53Zs6jMMH

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