This is an open request / letter to my follow bloggers! We were on a roll / I was on a roll (given right now one person is leading this blog), but then everything stopped.

Life got in the way, work took priority and if I am honest sleep and laziness took over! I wanted to ask fellow bloggers how they prioritise, how you make time in every day to create something magical, a part of you, a story of your journey.

This blog is important as I feel passionately about communicating our start up journey, as I think the community is about learning, helping and understanding each other. The more i chat to people about the business – the more constructive feedback and great perspective I get! So this blog is important but I need help.

I would love to understand how others do it, juggle everything you have going on career – businesses – special projects – relationships – families – life and that you still find the time.

I want to hear from you. Please comment!

#bloggers #startuplife #startups #helpneeded #newbusiness #newadventures @rebeccawillslondon


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