About Rebecca Wills

Behind the brand, there is a woman driving it and that’s me – Rebecca.

I am Australian leaving in London and for a long time I have worked in marketing across many big brands. I am very passionate about my job and also the people I have met along the way.

BUT I have always had a desire to do something MORE, start a blog, launch a brand, design a clothing line, even write a book! But I have never dared to give it a go until now.

So this is me trying to launch something I am truly passionate about.

Rebecca Wills is a brand passionate about creating one of kind jeans. I want to take the humble dark blue denim and give it something couture has – Style, flare, gold.

That’s my goal; To launch jeans that have exquisite embellishment that reminds the owner just how incredible they are!

I also believe that through these jeans we can start a conversation. Start a conversation about support, empowerment, equality, unity.

So thats what I am going to do.

@rebeccawillslondon #startup